Novelty, touch screen integration for cigarette vending machines. The digital touch era has reached the sector of vending machines.


Introducing the first Jofemar and GMV machines with digital touch screen monitor.


Design and technology applied to vending machines that make it the most effective modernization solution in a time of digital trend.

  • The digital system shows the same information that was sent to the display and shows it on the top of the monitor, so the use and programming of the machine remains the same.
  • Shows the prices below the label permanently and allows effects when pressing.
  • For replace and update the digital labels we have a web program that allows the configuration of the size of the screen and the label planogram. The user has a database of their digital machines to access their configuration and modification.
  • If your machines has telemetry with changing prices options you can continue using the telemetry without problems, our system reads the prices permanently and updates automatically.
  • Our system allows, in turn, the visualization of videos in the rest mode, so you can advertise your  company information or the products to promote constantly. Available up 50 Mb.
  • There are 2 ways for update/replace images and labels, using Android mobile/tablet APP and bluetooth transmission or using a USB memory pendrive connecting to Raspberry, first download the file for updating labels/videos from the website.

Available for All Jofemar V1 models and GMV machines, Elite, Premium, Crystal, all sizes.


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