GMV Premium 36 Bill Reader

Sales price: € 1100
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Cigarette Vending machine GM Vending Premium 36, 36 selections of product and 32 channels.

20 split channels of 10/30 packets and 12 complete channels of 50 packets, 995 packets of pacacity. Adjustable channels for different packets sizes

LCD display, 2 lines of 16 characters Push buttons buzzer. Alphanumeric keyboard.

MDB coin mechanism (4/5/6 tubes) and MDB note reader. Machine configurable for different protocols of payment system, ccTalk, pulse, MDB.

Payment unit (coin and note devices) with independent key Preinstallation for 2 hopper (pulse / ccTalk)

Programmable panel lighting pushbutton and delivery tray illumination, inside lighting.

Strong cabinet and very hight security door system: 5 point high security locking system and anti-drill excentrical security key Extra big advertising surface,

Extra big advertising surface, we custom the image for the logo of your company/products.

New control board with new processor with flahs memory, more programming levels fully programmable.

GM Com: Communication system by modem GSM, allowing the remote manegement of the vending machine park.Very good value capacity - size.


  • Selections/channels: 36 product selection and 32 channels (10/30/50 packet per channel)
  • Capacity: 995 Packets
  • MDB 4 tubes coin mechanism, available 5 or 6 tubes.
  • MDB Note Reader ICT S7A
  • Height: 1780mm
  • Width: 800mm
  • Depth: 450mm
  • Weight: 178kgs
  • Age control by token or RF.


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