We provide note reader kits for Jofemar Argos, Goya V1 and V2 version, all sizes.

Goya V1 first version has MDB coin mechanism and main PCB with EPROM, in this case needs to replace the chip, (G-15)

There are few cases where the coin mech is X-10 and main PCB with EPROM, this version of program doesn`t have the update for note reader.

To resolve it needs to replace the main PCB for other new one with flash PCB.

Any Jofemar V1 machine with flash version of PCB needs to update the firmware with the "Jofemar Flash Programmer" or Easy Flash device.

Also if your machine has installed an original Jofemar BT10/BT11 note reader you can replace it for other much better device.

Jofemar Kits

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Goya 16-32 note reader ICT Kit

€ 295
Goya 16, 22 and 32 ICT S7A installation Kit.

Argos 15/21 ICT note reader kit

€ 290
Jofemar Argos 15/21 note reader ICT S7A intallation kit

Jofemar Goya 12 bill reader Kit

€ 310
Jofemar Goya 12 bill reader installation kit.

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